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Property Transactions - Nov. 30, 2012

Published November 30. 2012 4:00AM


180 Hanover Rd: Ewalt, Clifford C & Ewalt, Mary E to Sagario, Gary W, $210,000.

46 Tracy Rd: Spino, Pasquale & Spino, Kenneth to Zmetra, Eric W & Zmetra, Brian G, $210,000.

110 Buck Hill Rd: Martel, Ronald to Savings Institute Bank, $1.

169 Butts Bridge Rd: Leclair FT & Giordano, Mary P to Canfield, Joshua R, $140,000.


106 West Rd: USA HUD to Lawton, Deborah A & Lawton, Adam J, $215,000.

60 Highwood Cir #60: Mills, Michael S & Mills, Dana G to Carmichael, Richard P, $233,000.


103 Slater Ave: Arch Bay Holdings LLC to 395 Realty LLC, $70,000.


1 Birmingham Ct: FHLM to Real Est Rescue Svcs LLC, $80,000.

150 Anchorage Cir: Grube, Peter to Fanton, Fernando & Fanton, Amy, $460,000.

90 Ridgewood Dr: Porter, Patricia to Kelley-Coffey, Rosemary & Kelley-Coffey, Teresa, $260,000.

53 Sound Breeze Ave: Mertens, John P & Mertens, Anne B to Harvey, Irene, $492,500.

19 Ward Ave: Stanley, Mark F to Toal, Charles L & Toal, Deborah, $400,000.

2 Scott Ln: Southerland, Frances L to Collins, James E & Macgregor-Collins, Bette, $660,000.

1 Apple Tree Ln: Andrew, Robert S & Andrew, Janet V to Ciere, Gail S, $435,000.

1301 North Rd: Buzon, Richard A & Buzon, Leanne M to Degrooth, Frederik & Degrooth, Jean E, $274,000.


Montville Mnr #193: Daivs, Remmie H & Davis, Sandra L to Linkemann, Scott, $151,000.


184 Pequot Ave #212: Hubeny, Andrew F to Scheinkman, Norman & Scheinkman, Jacquelyn N, $34,000.

85 Niles Hill Rd #3: Mcconnell, Velda J to Constance, Richard A, $63,000.

217 Pequot Ave: Plona, Lydia J & Foley, Rayna L to Marino, Joseph J & Feeder, Michael L, $124,900.

46 Sander St: Jones, Kevin E to Nationstar Mtg LLC, $1.

104 Willetts Ave: Anderson, Annette to CHFA, $1.

27 Moore Ct: Hodge, Gloria A to Gates, Tomas & Gates, Eric, $145,000.

14 Colman St: A R Lockwood LLC to JP Invst LLC, $260,000.

91 Blinman St: Dutch Point CU Inc to Hobart, Leah L, $106,000.

99 Garfield Ave: Dixon, Walter to Aurora Loan Svcs LLC, $1.

197 Connecticut Ave: Residential Mtg T to Vega, Juan, $80,000.

29 Addison St: Troxell, Vernon L & Troxell, Vali M to Marku, Kastroit, $87,500.


20 Harland Rd: Wilson, Richard T to Bank Of America FSB, $1.

66 Case St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Billias, George, $136,500.

24 Fowler Ave: FNMA to Salcedo, Juan N & Salcedo, Ernestina, $29,900.

97 Cliff St: Chan, King On to Retainted Realty Inc, $1.

31 Woods Dr #31: Payne, Claude E to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

302 N Wawecus Hill Rd: Side Street Realty LLC to Redfield, Brendan E & Redfield, Shealyn S, $100,000.

100 Broad St #L2: FNMA to Clay, Lori, $25,000.

12 White St: DJG Ent LLC & BFO Ent to Broad Street Props Inc, $1.

42 Saint Regis Ave: Lamons, John N to Navy FCU, $1.

176 Harland Rd: Vartenigian, George & Vartenigian, Barbara to Morequity Inc, $1.


7 Bitgood Vlg: Crooks, Ronald T to Scuncio, John V, $85,000.

13 8th St: Brais, Denise C to Vincent, Lawrence A & Vincent, Danielle M, $28,334.

13 8th St: Vincent, Lawrence A to Vincent, Lawrence A & Vincent, Danielle M, $28,334.

13 8th St: Jarvis, Rosemary A to Vincent, Lawrence A & Vincent, Danielle M, $28,334.


29 Pheasant Run Rd: Karen L Sears T & Sears, Karen L to Lord-sermond, Debra & Sermon, George B, $193,000.

29 Stillman Ave: Turrisi, Daniel W & Turrisi, Mellisa to Adams, Joseph R, $235,000.

56 Stillman Ave: Emilio Albert P Est & Devine, Alberta P to Robert, Christopher, $230,000.

4 Pikes Pl: Toll CT LP to Lewis, Edward G & Lewis, Cathy E, $524,285.

129 Mechanic St #7: Thomas, Ankur M to Holly, Donna J, $195,000.


159 Wylie School Rd: USA HUD to Mallett, Bruce M, $154,000.

10 Tanglewood Ln: FNMA to Robinson, Samantha A, $119,000.

211 Bailey Pond Rd: Verville, Thomas J to Trotta, Thomas A & Trotta, Sandra C, $125,000.


116 Stoneheights Dr #116: Brennan, Susan P to Schultz, Christopher K, $145,500.

476 Boston Post Rd: Cockerham, William G to Drea, Daryl, $150,000.

7 Devonshire Dr: Mccoll, Rosaria & Hala, Joseph A to Gray, Jason & Gray, Lisa M, $350,000.

30 Meadow Dr: Nurnberger, Philip G & Nurnberger, Jan L to Rasmussen, Gary, $260,000.

114 Dayton Rd: Dayton Real Estate LLC to Saint Moses Coptic Orth, $200,000.

135 Pember Rd: Bingham, David B to Leitkowski, Garhard C & Ellis, John J, $50,000.

486 Mohegan Avenue Pkwy: Hritzko, Benjamin J to Shoemaker, Paulette K, $95,000.

43 Lamphere Rd: Stahl, Stephen & Stahl, Alison to Peluso, Arthur A & Peluso, Jennifer L, $113,500.

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