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Disc tip: "Songs One Through Twelve"

Published January 24. 2013 4:00AM

Checkpoint Charley

Bart Fargo Productions

Ever wonder how many great albums (or books or even films) slip through the cracks in the ceaseless onslaught of new releases? In a casual conversation the other day about the greatness of power-pop band Jellyfish, I was reminded of this incredibly obscure CD by Checkpoint Charley. They make no attempt to hide their stylistic antecedents: there's even a song called "Bellyfish," and the early-Queen arrangements are such that Roy Thomas-Baker would flinch if he heard them. The fun news: you can still get this album and, more importantly, for all the influences, Checkpoint Charley write such wonderful songs that Jellyfish and Queen might wish they'd compsed a few of these on their own.


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