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Property Transactions - Jan. 25, 2013

Published January 25. 2013 4:00AM


11 Wahconah Dr: Frey, Charles M to Baker, Beth, $280,000.

264 Bozrah St: Marek, Earl J & Montie, Barbara J to Wetherell, John H, $180,000.

227 South Rd: Socha, Leon to Jowdy, Michael, $75,000.


94 Reservoir Rd: Arbuckle, Brendan W & Arbuckle, Rebekah S to Buden, Leanne, $221,000.

1 Westchester Hls #D: Macdonald, Stacey L to Cordova, Crystal L, $70,000.

12 Vicki Ln #12: Labombard, Donald L & Labombard, Pauline K to Jodi M Thomas T & Thomas, Jodi M, $170,000.

11 Hayward Ave #4: A Tyler Renovation&Constr to SHS Capital LLC, $92,000.


38 Hope St #30: Bruno, Susan to Rutigliano, Alyssa L, $165,000.

24 Central Ave: Rinoski, Rachel A & Rinoski, Kyle J to Climan, Ricky L & Climan, Elizabeth, $313,000.

226 Flanders Rd: Flanders Road Props LLC to Fitzleva LLC, $350,000.


387 Route 32: Rockwood Irene D Est & Franklin Town Of to Franklin Town Of, $1.

28 Eager Rd: USA HUD to Bubucis, Arnis, $120,000.

234 Champion Rd: Paris, Jason M to Angulo, Alan V & Angulo, Christine L, $199,900.

Route 87 #36: Adelman Family LLC to Adelman, Linda, $190,000.


14 William St: FNMA to GC Of Jewett City LLC, $76,551.

40 Fairview Ave: FHLM to Trombley, Gary & Trombley, Janet, $118,900.

620 Roode Rd: Dakota Const LLC to Wills, Joseph E, $255,000.


229 Godfrey Rd: Tier 1 Dev LLC to Pothier, Gerard A, $98,000.

266 Benham Rd: Martin, Michael to Tetlow, Elizabeth M, $145,000.


547 Waterman Rd: Sinkewicz, James J & Sinkewicz, Holly H to Lang, Marc A & Lang, Terri E, $45,000.

10 1st St: Carlson Sandra E Est & Cassella, Edward M to Hanes, Joanne T, $140,000.

109 Clarke Rd: Celentano, Nancy J & Celentano, Joseph M to Ziel, Karen E, $227,000.

336 Clubhouse Rd: McKnerney, Kevin to Schall, Jason W & Schall, Jenna L, $189,900.

155 Church Rd: Michaud, Clifton N & Michaud-Aif, Claudette to Morton, Gregory M, $92,000.

22 Beech Rd: Bizier, Steven H & Bizier, Frances C to Caines, James W & Caines, Jessica, $88,000.


8 Gonch Farm Rd: Mosier, Gillian J to Morris, Danny R & Morris, Allison L, $250,000.

14 Marlene Dr: Rolfe, Frank & Rolfe, Marian to Frascarelli, Richard J & Frascarelli, Richard J, $61,000.

7 Gray Farm Rd: Miller, Paul J to Detwiler, Elyse B, $10,000.

7 Gray Farm Rd: Miller, Paul J to Detwiler, Elyse B, $10,000.

13 Queen Eleanor Dr: US Army Corp Of Engineers to Miller, Lloyd Michael, $225,000.

13 Queen Eleanor Dr: Pearson, Nancy L to US Army Corp Of Engineers, $300,297.

42 Christy Hill Rd: Chin, Michael & Chin, Olwen E to Fleury, Victoria J, $194,000.

369 Shewville Rd: Eppinger, Frank N & Potter, Daniel to Lazaron, Victor & Ryan, Heather-Rose, $265,000.


131 Bill Hill Rd: Harra, Brian to Hoy, Anne H, $300,000.

93 Shore Dr: Pekkanen, John R & Kopke-Pekkanen, Lynn to Routhier, George & Routhier, Deborah, $250,000.

151 Mitchell Hl: Gidius, Thomas J & Gidius, Heidi A to Yih, Linda S, $485,000.

13 Geer Hill Rd #3: Main Street 40 LLC to Haddad, David S, $400,000.

199 Blood St: Bauer Alta M Est & Bauer, Joseph B to Cheney, Brian & Cheney, J., $300,000.

Selden Rd: Johnston Family LP to Pembroke Hse Designs Ltd, $390,000.


30 Heritage Way #30: Fessenden, Carol H to Shirley Cole Morgan T & Morgan, Albert B, $219,000.

20 Park Avenue Ext: Mattia, Jeffrey & Mattia, Karrie to Johnson, Raymond T, $148,000.


13 Belden St: FNMA to Bhattarai, Moti P, $32,500.

73 Broad St: Bates, Scott D to New London Hmless Hospit, $109,000.

189 Pequot Ave: Chand, Praveen to Montleon, Theresa M, $55,000.

152 Howard St: Wildes, Robert P & Wildes-Smith, Nancy E to Howard Hamilton Corp, $74,200.

151 Norwood Ave: Fulgueras, Roy A to Dariano, Amanda, $60,000.

25 Grove St: Thomas, Lewis to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1.


2 Cedarcrest Dr: Page, David S & Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $1.

377 Pendleton Hl: Moran, John W to Fleury, Robert F & Fleury, Leslie W, $55,000.

377 Pendleton Hl: Moran, Patrick J & Moran, Frances K to Fleury, Robert F & Fleury, Leslie W, $55,000.


4 Midway Pass: Workman, Gary W & Workman, Elaine B to Schultz, Mary A, $140,500.

32 Great Plain Rd: FNMA to Pope, Jason, $37,500.

86 Yantic Ln: Watterson, Daniel J to Mcintyre, Jeffrey M, $152,500.

315 Canterbury Tpke: Bank Of New York Mellon to Mandes, Spiro & Mandes, Karen, $78,750.


Brightwater Rd #73: Eisele, G Richard & Hussey, Mary Ellen to Bailey, Diane M, $450,000.

Neck Rd: Dougherty, Robert Ely to Comstock, Bruce R & Comstock, Betty Ann, $235,000.

Riverbank Ln #B: Twining-Globus, Dorothy & Twining-Kreiswirth, K to twining, Alexander Catlin, $1,135,000.

6 Machnik Dr: Machnik, Judith Ann to Arena Stoneyard LLC, $450,000.

17 Sill Ln: Galco LLC to Stone, Kenneth C & Stone, Jennifer T, $426,000.

32 Homestead Cir: Henry, Amy E to Clark, Leroy R, $260,000.

7 Oakridge Dr: Breglio, Paul to Fritch, Lawrence D & Horton, Susan R, $445,000.

28 Kelsey Ave: Chapman, Robert C to Holland, Leo & Holland, Christine, $290,000.

98 Hillcrest Rd: Zyla, Emily to Zyla, Julie G, $250,000.

9 Ridgewood Rd: Kaprove, Michael S & Kaprove, Debbie A to Lyon, Edmond F & Lyon, Mary, $300,000.

30 Hillcrest Rd: Galinsky, Jean C to Ostiguy, Richard E & Ostiguy, Deborah M, $312,550.


240 Krug Rd: Clark, Marylu to Dooley, James P & Dooley, Sheilah H, $225,000.

18 Benjamin Rd: Wolinski, Linda S & Wolinski, John H to Pearson, William, $90,000.

51 Ross Rd: Lussier Theresa M Est & Mekkelsen, Paula M to Michaud, John & Michaud, Darlene, $180,000.

120 Route 2A: King, Daniel & Bank Of New York Mellon to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1.

6 Young Ct: Green Falls Assoc LLC to Depta, Andy R & Depta, Anna M, $312,000.


715 Hartford Rd: Johnson, Lorraine C to Mantis LLC, $140,000.

20 Oakridge Rd: Brickwood Homes LLC to Adamik, Thomas W & Adamik, Patricia A, $385,000.

703 Hartford Rd: Johnson, Lorraine C & Deschamps, Alicia F to Brick, Marion, $140,000.

24 Fawn Run: Sistare, David C & Sistare, Theresa A to Short, Robert T & Mendes, Shirley, $318,000.


333 Main St: Proulx, Nicole M & Proulx, Paul D to Rogers, Francis P & Rogers, Jeannette M, $95,000.


Church St: Pheonix Inv Advisors LLC to Corcon, Charles W, $109,000.

15 Porter Pond Rd: FHLM to Tang, Guo Z & Tang, Helen L, $220,000.

49 Church St: Brouillard, Mark R & Onewest Bank FSB to Onewest Bank FSB, $171,572.

484 Gibson Hill Rd: Ethridge, Patricia to Driscoll, Evelyn, $80,000.

53 Laiho Rd: US Bank NA to McGarry, Elizabeth A, $127,500.

Old Cranston Rd: Summit Street Dev LLC to Corson, Charles W, $525,000.

1224 Plainfield Pike: Hyde Leslie G Est & Scheibeler, James N to Greeno, Donald R, $80,000.

543 Porter Pond Rd: Martin, Daniel F & Martin, Kathleen L to Herlihy, Carrie M, $245,000.

124 Sterling Rd: Cafaro, Alfred W to Ditusa, Donald & Ditusa, David, $45,000.


22 Wilford Ct: Pacheco, Jose M & Pacheco, Marcia F to Schroeder, Scott R & Schroeder, Pamela K, $145,000.

15 Holmes St: Lignum Vitae LLC to S P Jones Family LLC, $1,602,200.

9 Meadow Ave: Devries, Caroline & Ball, Caroline D to Sundman, Robert, $5,000.

9 Meadow Ave: Delmhorst, John to Sundman, Robert, $5,000.

Mary Hall Rd: Richard C Panciera T & Bellucci, William K to Cherenzia Excavation Inc, $1,581,250.


236 Pendleton Hill Rd: Adams, Michael W to Way, Catherine, $115,000.

38 Tanglewood Ln: Peters, Kate to Soja, Linda A, $119,500.

213 Bailey Pond Rd: Drumm, John to Delage, Andrea M, $160,000.


310 Boston Post Rd #9: Whitlock, Madeline G to Williams, Bekure & Williams, Angela, $165,000.

1 Dayton Pl: Chesapeake Corp Rlty 1 to Charter Oak Commons Of NY, $9,400,000.

1 Dayton Pl: Chesapeake Corp Rlty 1 to Charter Oak Commons Of NY, $9,400,000.

52 Scotch Cap Rd: Zhang, Yao & Wang, Yifan to Prudential Relocation Inc, $275,333.

39 Lamphere Rd: Maynard, Geoff P & Maynard, Amy B to Gwudz, Gregory S & Gwudz, Megan S, $85,000.

15 Avery Ln: Mieszkalski, Judith E to Waltke, Eric A, $120,000.

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