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Premium Content Israel continues assault on Hamas in Gaza

 July 12, 2014; Updated: 12:08 am

Jerusalem - Israel kept up a steady bombardment of the Gaza Strip from the air and sea on Friday as the United States offered to broker a cease-fire that would end an offensive launched to quell rocket fire from the territory.



Israel presses its air offensive

 July 11, 2014; Updated: 12:08 am

Khan Younis, Gaza Strip - The Al Haj family never heard it coming: An Israeli missile smashed into their home in the middle of the night, destroying the structure and killing eight relatives in a matter of seconds. A survivor said all the...


Germany kicks out top U.S. spy over espionage claims

 July 11, 2014; Updated: 12:13 am

Berlin - Germany on Thursday demanded Washington's top spy in Berlin leave the country as a new round of allegations of U.S. espionage worsened the friction between the two allies.

The immediate trigger was the emergence of two new...


Bear euthanized on Bradley International Airport property

 July 11, 2014; Updated: 3:47 pm

The bear had been spotted several times recently in the vicinity of the airport, but on Thursday the animal found its way on to the grounds, said Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokesman Dennis Schain.


German foreign minister to meet Kerry to discuss spying claims

 July 11, 2014; Updated: 11:07 am

Germany's foreign minister said Friday he will tell U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at a meeting this weekend that Berlin wants to reinvigorate the two countries' friendship "on an honest basis" after asking Washington's top spy to leave.


Over 100 killed in Gaza as rockets fall on Israel

 July 11, 2014; Updated: 10:06 am

The Palestinian death toll from Israel's massive air campaign in Gaza topped 100 people Friday as rockets fired by militants reached deeper into Israel — and for the first time in the fighting, struck from neighboring Lebanon.


Koreas brace for Typhoon Neoguri

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 11:59 pm

A high wave hits a lighthouse Wednesday as Typhoon Neoguri approaches the Korean Peninsula in Seogwipo on Jeju Island, South Korea.


Israeli drones hunt Hamas targets

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 11:56 pm

Gaza City, Gaza Strip - Israeli aircraft are targeting houses in the Gaza Strip as never before, firing precision missiles into family living rooms. They have killed at least five known militants with the tactic - but they appear to have...


Israel escalates Gaza offensive, casualties mount

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 2:18 pm

Israel dramatically escalated its aerial assault targeting hundreds of Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip Thursday as Palestinians reported the strikes also hit a home and a beachside cafe, raising the total number of people killed in this week's...


German investigation of U.S. espionage widens

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 11:56 pm

German authorities carried out raids in Berlin on Wednesday as part of an espionage investigation that placed new strain on U.S.-German relations and raised concern in the Obama administration of a broader crackdown on U.S. spying.



Israeli air attacks kill 25 in Gaza

 July 9, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

Jerusalem - Israel on Tuesday launched its largest offensive in the Gaza Strip in nearly two years, carrying out a blistering aerial assault on scores of targets and killing 25 people in what officials called an open-ended operation aimed...


Ukrainian charged with Russian journalists' deaths

 July 9, 2014; Updated: 10:45 am

A Ukrainian air force pilot, whose plane was shot down in eastern Ukraine during fighting, has been arrested in Russia and charged with abetting the killing of two Russian journalists, Russian officials said on Wednesday.


Israel hits key Hamas targets in Gaza offensive

 July 9, 2014; Updated: 10:22 am

Israel stepped up its offensive on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Wednesday, pummeling scores of targets and killing at least 14 people as Israeli leaders signaled a weeks-long ground invasion could be quickly approaching.


Israeli army launches Gaza offensive

 July 8, 2014; Updated: 12:06 am

Jerusalem - The Israeli army said it launched an offensive operation early today against the Gaza Strip to quell rocket attacks, and a Palestinian official said Israeli airstrikes injured at least nine Palestinians.


Former Soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze

 July 8, 2014; Updated: 11:55 pm

Tbilisi, Georgia - Eduard Shevardnadze was a key figure in revolutions abroad and the victim of one at home. As the Soviet Union's foreign minister, he helped topple the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War, but as the leader of...


Party in Pamplona

 July 7, 2014; Updated: 11:43 pm

A reveler jumps from a fountain into the crowd below after the launch of the "Chupinazo" rocket to celebrate the official opening of the 2014 San Fermin fiesta Sunday in Pamplona, Spain. Revelers from around the world turned out to kick off the...


Pope to sex abuse victims: I beg your forgiveness

 July 7, 2014; Updated: 11:57 am

Pope Francis begged forgiveness Monday from the victims of clergy sex abuse as he held his first meeting with several abuse survivors. He also promised to hold bishops accountable for the protection of minors.


Autopsy: Palestinian teen was burned to death

 July 6, 2014; Updated: 11:38 pm

Ramallah, West Bank - An autopsy showed an Arab teenager who Palestinians say was killed in a revenge attack was burned to death, officials said Saturday, while Palestinian militants fired two rockets toward a major...


Iraq's prime minister determined to stay in power

 July 5, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

Baghdad - Iraq's embattled prime minister vowed Friday to fight until the Islamic militants who have overrun much of the country are defeated, suggesting he won't step down despite pressure for him to do so.

Framing the debate over...


Overpass collapses in Brazil

 July 4, 2014; Updated: 3:18 pm

A truck is trapped underneath a collapsed bridge Thursday in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The overpass under construction collapsed Thursday in the Brazilian World Cup host city. At least two people were killed and 22 injured. The collapse took place on...


Kurds want independence vote

 July 4, 2014; Updated: 11:56 pm

Baghdad - With large parts of Iraq in militant hands, a top Kurdish leader called on regional lawmakers Thursday to lay the groundwork for a referendum on independence, a vote that would likely spell the end of a unified Iraq.



Hung out to dry

 July 3, 2014; Updated: 11:48 pm

An employee of Russian Space Training Center hangs out to dry space suits of Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin, NASA flight engineer Kathleen Rubins, and Japanese space agency flight engineer Takuya Onishi after a training session Wednesday near...


Palestinians say Israeli extremists killed teen as revenge

 July 3, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

Jerusalem - The Palestinians accused Israeli extremists of abducting and killing an Arab teenager and burning his body Wednesday, sparking hours of clashes in east Jerusalem and drawing charges that the youth was murdered to avenge the...


In Hong Kong, rising fears of China

 July 3, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

Hong Kong - In a rare scene of disorder, Hong Kong authorities cleared out hundreds of protesters who blocked part of the city's financial district early Wednesday, a high-profile reflection of rising anxiety over Beijing's tightening grip...


Fighting escalates in Ukraine

 July 2, 2014; Updated: 12:00 am

People grieve over the body of their friend, a policeman killed during an assault Tuesday by pro-Russian fighters on the Interior Ministry headquarters in downtown Donetsk, Ukraine. The rebels captured the headquarters after an hours-long gun...


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