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Favorite restaurants of 2010

 January 2, 2011; Updated: 8:33 am

From Mystic to New Haven and from Westerly to Chester, The Day's restaurant reviewers pick their favorites of the year:


2010 Top Stories: Mortgage fraud

 December 31, 2010; Updated: 5:00 am

Three years after a mortgage-fraud conspiracy involving New London loan officer Jose Guzman unraveled, more indictments were handed down by a grand jury in June, this time involving both Guzman associates and Syed A. "Ali" Babar, the alleged "de...


Favorite flicks of 2010

 December 31, 2010; Updated: 4:12 am

Why don't they just move Hollywood to southeastern Connecticut? Homegrown heroes made it big in the movie biz this year. Geoffrey Fletcher, who grew up in Waterford, won an Oscar - yes, an Oscar! - for his adapted screenplay for "Precious."


2010 Top stories: Pfizer sells NL headquarters to Electric Boat

 December 30, 2010; Updated: 4:17 am

The saga of Pfizer Inc.'s brief foray into New London came to a bittersweet conclusion in July with the sale to Electric Boat of the pharmaceutical giant's former research-and-development headquarters off Pequot Avenue.


TheDay.com's top videos of 2010

 December 29, 2010; Updated: 2:28 pm

The staff of The Day share their favorite videos of 2009 and offer their comments on what made the videos memorable.


2010 top stories: Death of Matthew Chew

 December 29, 2010; Updated: 4:51 am

The stabbing death of 25-year-old Matthew Chew the night of Oct. 29 was one of the most unsettling crimes in New London in some time.


Day staffers' favorite books of 2010

 December 28, 2010; Updated: 4:57 am

From fiction, non-fiction and "inspired by real life," three Day feature writers offer their favorite books of 2010.


2010 top stories: Crash kills Griswold teens

 December 28, 2010; Updated: 1:15 pm

On Dec. 7, the town of Griswold was forever changed when four of its high school students were killed in a single-car crash on Route 201.


Day reviewers' favorite recordings of 2010

 December 27, 2010; Updated: 12:21 pm

When not going to concerts, The Day’s music reviewers are sitting at their desks with headphones on. At the end of the year, editors make them take all that “research” and come up with a list of their favorite recorded music


2010 top stories: Buck trial

 December 27, 2010; Updated: 2:03 am

A three-judge panel in December found Charles Buck of Mystic not guilty of killing his wife, Leslie, in May 2002.Prosecutors tried to show that Buck - infatuated with a younger female bartender whom he showered with expensive gifts - had...


2010: Performances of the year

 December 26, 2010; Updated: 4:20 am

From the casinos to Hartford and Boston and beyond, our reviewers saw and heard it all this year. Here's their favorite live musical performances:


2010 Top Stories: the Flood

 December 26, 2010; Updated: 4:30 am

A storm on March 30 brought what many longtime residents said was the worst flooding towns such as Stonington, North Stonington and Westerly had seen since the Hurricane of 1938.


2010 Top Stories: NL Charter

 December 25, 2010; Updated: 4:41 am

It took three tries over four years, but New London voters eventually approved changing the form of government that has been in place for nearly 90 years.


2010 top stories: Hard times at the casinos

 December 24, 2010; Updated: 8:29 am

With gamblers still playing it close to the vest, revenues continued to decline at Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun in 2010. The year began and ended with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe seeking to restructure more than $2 billion in debt.


Day Photographers' Favorite Pictures of 2010

 December 23, 2010; Updated: 7:52 am

The Day photography staff select their favorite images of 2010 and share their thoughts about the photos.


Vote for the top stories of the year

 December 22, 2010; Updated: 4:25 pm

Vote for the top five local stories of the year.


Vote for the top 10 high school football plays of 2010

 December 17, 2010; Updated: 1:48 pm

The staff of theday.com has selected their top ten plays of the 2010 football season, now it's your turn. We picked Kyle McKinnon's 50-yard touchdown run against Waterford as our top play. What is yours?

Day Staff's Favorite Videos of 2010

View the Day Staff's Favorite Videos of 2010

Day Photographers' Favorite Pictures of 2010

View the Day Photographers' Favorite Pictures of 2010

Yahoo! Year in Review

Top Searches on Yahoo! in 2010

1. BP oil spill
2. World Cup
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Lady Gaga
6. iPhone
7. Megan Fox
8. Justin Bieber
9. American Idol
10. Britney Spears

Top Searched Music Lyrics on Yahoo! in 2010

1. “Baby” by Justin Bieber
2. “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem
3. “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
4. “Pyramid” by Charice
5. “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
6. “TiK ToK” by Ke$ha
7. “Solo” by Iyaz
8. “Two is Better than One “ by Boys Like Girls
9. “Hey Soul Sister” by Train
10. “Fireflies” by Owl City

Top Searched Obsessions on Yahoo! in 2010

1. iPhone 4
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. iPad
4. Glee
5. Jersey Shore
6. Facebook
7. Bedbugs
8. Tea Party
9. Silly Bandz
10. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (series)

Top Searched questions on Yahoo! in 2010

1. How to tie a tie
2. How to lose weight
3. How to kiss
4. How to write a resume
5. What's the world's only immortal animal
6. Which city has the best tap water
7. Which natural disaster shortened earth's days
8. What is love
9. What causes lightning
10. How to boil an egg

Top Searched TV Shows on Yahoo! in 2010

1. American Idol
2. Dancing with the Stars
3. Young and the Restless
4. Glee
5. Lost
6. Big Brother
7. Jersey Shore
8. True Blood
9. Days of Our Lives
10. The Oprah Winfrey Show

Top Searched Celebrities on Yahoo! in 2010

1. Miley Cyrus
2. Kim Kardashian
3. Lady Gaga
4. Megan Fox
5. Justin Bieber
6. Britney Spears
7. Lindsay Lohan
8. Katy Perry
9. Angelina Jolie
10. Taylor Swift

Top Searched Movies on Yahoo! in 2010

1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
2. Wolfman
3. The Last Airbender
4. Iron Man 2
5. Alice in Wonderland
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
7. Inception
8. Star Wars
9. Transformers 3
10. Toy Story 3

Some Of The Top Searched Misspellings on Yahoo! in 2010

• Justine Bieber and Justin Beaver – for Justin Bieber, the singer
• Katie Perry – for Katy Perry, the singer
• Amozon – for Amazon, the website
• Tattos – for tattoos
• WAllmart – for Wal-Mart
• Louie Vaton Purses - for Louis Vuitton purses
• Mylie Cyrus – for Miley Cyrus, the singer/actor
• Zoo Zoo Pets - for Zhu Zhu Pets
• Lost Finally - for Lost finale
• Media Shower and Meter Shower – for Perseid Meteor Shower

Source: Yahoo.com