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Election News

Teachers' union endorsement of Malloy overcame dissatisfaction

 September 30, 2014; Updated: 12:59 pm

The endorsement Monday of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy by the Connecticut Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, came after an unprecedented effort by the union’s...


Premium Content Campaign finance questions raised with Courtney, Hopkins-Cavanagh

 September 30, 2014; Updated: 9:06 am

Federal Election Commission analysts filed requests for additional information this summer about items in the campaign finance reports of both incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District and his...


Outside money pours into Malloy-Foley Connecticut governor's race

 September 29, 2014; Updated: 4:20 pm

When Connecticut set up its public campaign financing system nearly a decade ago, it was supposed to ensure politicians were not beholden to special interests and corporations in the wake of a...


Summaries of tax returns show Foley's income fell in 2011, 2012

 September 27, 2014; Updated: 11:52 pm

Republican Tom Foley released summaries of federal tax returns Friday that showed business losses and alimony left the Greenwich businessman and gubernatorial nominee with an adjusted gross income of...


Secretary of the State Merrill: Arrest of Bridgeport state lawmaker troubling

 September 27, 2014; Updated: 12:26 pm

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says the arrest of a state lawmaker on election fraud charges underscores the strength of the system in Connecticut for enforcing election laws.


Premium Content Candidates address Connecticut mental health issues in Norwich forum

 September 25, 2014; Updated: 8:49 am

Services for people with mental illness, supportive housing, reducing discrimination and the criminalization of mental illness were main topics addressed by 20 candidates for state legislature...


GOP governors put $610,020 more into effort to beat Malloy

 September 24, 2014; Updated: 12:10 am

The Republican Governors Association has put another $610,020 into its campaign to unseat first-term Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, raising its total spending in Connecticut above $2.1 million for...


Premium Content Lockwood speaks to voters at New London library forum

 September 24, 2014; Updated: 12:40 am

In the basement of the city's public library Tuesday night, Republican candidate for the 39th District General Assembly seat Andrew R. Lockwood Sr. held a question-and-answer session with about a...


Malloy appeals to women for support in close race

 September 22, 2014; Updated: 12:01 am

Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s campaign is making the strong sell to female voters in Connecticut, banking that his positions on gun control, pay equity, domestic violence and a higher...


Premium Content GOP Town Council member plans bid for Montville mayor

 September 22, 2014; Updated: 11:52 pm

Republican Town Councilor Tom McNally has announced that he plans to seek the Republican nomination for mayor in the 2015 election.


Premium Content League of Women Voters looks to boost membership

 September 21, 2014; Updated: 5:32 pm

The Leagues of Women Voters is looking to gain new members, including men.


Premium Content Two Courtney challengers take pride in libertarian leanings

 September 21, 2014; Updated: 11:56 pm

Though similar, Libertarian Dan Reale and Republican Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh bring different platforms to the race against incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District.


Premium Content Tom Foley is poor in campaign promise specifics

 September 21, 2014; Updated: 11:29 pm

Tom Foley is poor in campaign promise specifics.


Premium Content Maynard opponent finds himself in an awkward position

 September 19, 2014; Updated: 1:04 pm

For Republican Kevin Trejo of Groton, the task of unseating popular state Sen. Andrew Maynard would be a difficult one under normal circumstances.But that task has been made even harder by the...


Premium Content Lockwood to hold Q&A session Sept. 23 at New London library

 September 18, 2014; Updated: 12:25 am

Andrew R. Lockwood Sr., the Republican candidate for the 39th District General Assembly seat, will hold a question and answer session at 7 p.m. on Sept. 23 at the Public Library of New London.


Premium Content 33rd Senate District hopefuls face off in debate

 September 17, 2014; Updated: 8:39 pm

The voices of three parties with distinct views on the economy, environment and education filled the packed Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School auditorium on Tuesday.


Malloy rebuffs Foley's criticism of UConn report

 September 17, 2014; Updated: 1:05 pm

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is rebuffing Republican Tom Foley's criticism of a new report that highlights UConn's economic impact, calling his gubernatorial opponent "a cheap-shot specialist."


Premium Content 23rd House District hopefuls detail their stance on top issues

 September 17, 2014; Updated: 4:51 pm

Candidates for the 23rd House seat faced off Tuesday in a spirited debate covering the state's economy, taxes and educational system.


Foley: traffic "shameful," Malloy claims progress

 September 15, 2014; Updated: 11:18 am

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he has spent more money to improve Connecticut's transportation needs than prior administrations, but his Republican challenger calls the state's traffic woes "shameful"...


Premium Content Heather Somers resigns from Groton Town Council

 September 10, 2014; Updated: 11:46 pm

Groton Town Councilor Heather Somers, who is running for lieutenant governor, is resigning from the council, Mayor Rita Schmidt said Tuesday.


Premium Content Foley to Malloy: Show yours and I'll show mine

 September 7, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

I wonder if I am the only one puzzled by the way Tom Foley is running for governor in Connecticut.Maybe he just likes running and doesn't want to win?This is now his second campaign...


Premium Content Andrew R. Lockwood gets gun rights group's endorsement in House race

 September 6, 2014; Updated: 12:41 am

Andrew R. Lockwood Sr., the Republican 39th House District candidate, has been endorsed by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, the candidate announced Friday.


Premium Content Stonington releases 2009 document outlining complaint against first selectman

 September 4, 2014; Updated: 12:37 am

A former Human Services employee complained to the town in 2009 that First Selectman Ed Haberek's interactions with her left her feeling “creeped out” and “gross.”


Premium Content State Senate, House debates to be hosted by The Day, Eastern Connecticut Chamber

 September 1, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

The Day and the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut are collaborating to host a series of debates across the region in state Senate and House races. Also assisting in this effort will be the...


Unpopular lawmakers still likely to keep seats

 August 31, 2014; Updated: 11:55 pm

Washington - A surly electorate that holds Congress in even lower regard than unpopular President Barack Obama is willing to "keep the bums in," with at least 365 incumbents in the...


Money rolls into Connecticut 5th District race

 August 31, 2014; Updated: 12:21 am

Esty, Greenberg campaigns expected to be among the highest spending in the countryHartford - Connecticut's 5th Congressional District race is expected...


Gun rights organization backs Foley

 August 30, 2014; Updated: 11:56 pm

Hartford - Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley's endorsement on Friday from a 15,000-member gun rights organization renewed accusations from Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's...


Premium Content Candidate's challenge: Return some of campaign public financing money to state

 August 28, 2014; Updated: 11:51 pm

State Senate hopeful Paul Formica has challenged all candidates running for statewide office who have qualified for public financing to limit their spending of state funds and return 1.5 percent of...


Premium Content Malloy, Foley don't hold back in debate

 August 27, 2014; Updated: 6:56 pm

Although they were seated in armchairs on either side of a coffee table, Wednesday's conversation between Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his Republican opponent Tom Foley was anything but...


Scotland's future could hinge on TV debate

 August 24, 2014; Updated: 1:00 am

Glasgow, Scotland - Scotland's long debate over whether the country should become independent has proved a bonanza for printers of bumper stickers, posters, balloons and even...


Premium Content State Independent Party nominates Formica in 20th State Senate District race

 August 22, 2014; Updated: 1:46 pm

Danbury – East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica, the Republican candidate for the 20th State Senate district, earned the nomination of the state Independent Party...


Premium Content Tom and Dan, off the line

 August 22, 2014; Updated: 11:55 pm

I must say I am happy for the return of campaigning Dan Malloy, who seems much more likable than the governing Dannel Malloy.After winning the 2010 election for governor, Malloy seemed to...


Premium Content Hopkins-Cavanagh spreads campaign message via radio

 August 18, 2014; Updated: 3:36 pm

Congessional candidate Lori-Hopkins Cavanagh has used her weekly real estate show on WJJF-FM to promote her campaign.


Premium Content Guns, taxes, leadership emerge as top issues in governor's race

 August 17, 2014; Updated: 11:23 pm

Experts say the 2014 race, unlike the 2010 race between Tom Foley and Dannel P. Malloy, will be about Malloy’s record.


Premium Content Ritter celebrates Democratic state Senate 20th District primary win over Satti

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 1:39 pm

As the last results came in, Rep. Betsy Ritter pumped her fist in the air. There were cheers and claps as she and campaign members realized she had won the primary by a wide margin.


Premium Content Carney wins Republican vote in 23rd House District

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 5:26 pm

Devin Carney, a Realtor and small-business owner from Old Saybrook, secured the Republican vote for the state's 23rd House District in Tuesday's primary.


Premium Content Voting slow on Primary Day

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 1:06 pm

Connecticut Republicans started trickling to the polls this morning as they will have to choose between Greenwich businessman Tom Foley or Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield to...


Premium Content Foley, McKinney square off in Republican primary

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 1:05 pm

Of the two Republican gubernatorial candidates, party endorsed-candidate Tom Foley of Greenwich and state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield, McKinney has spent a relatively large...


Premium Content Somers: 'It's an exciting night' in too-close-to-call lieutenant governor's race

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 1:05 pm

A three-way Republican primary for lieutenant governor was too close to call early Wednesday morning.


Premium Content Republicans choose Foley to run against Malloy in November

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 6:41 pm

Connecticut Republicans have given Greenwich businessman Tom Foley a second opportunity to run against Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.


Premium Content Turnout steady in House District 23 primary

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 1:07 pm

As Devin Carney of Old Saybrook and Vicki Lanier of Old Lyme face off in today's Republican primary for the 23rd House, Republican turnout has been steady so far in Old Lyme and Lyme.


Premium Content Stonington's first selectman offers support to Pelto for governor

 August 12, 2014; Updated: 12:01 am

First Selectman Ed Haberek posted on possible gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Pelto’s Facebook page last week that he has submitted a petition of signatures to help him get on the ballot for...


Jury selection starts Wednesday for Rowland trial

 August 11, 2014; Updated: 11:52 pm

Jury selection is starting for the trial of former Gov. John G. Rowland on federal charges that he tried to create secret consultant roles with two congressional campaigns.


R.I. gubernatorial hopeful highlights record, personal story in campaign

 August 11, 2014; Updated: 12:34 am

Cranston, R.I. - Allan Fung says he is running for governor because he is angry.The state is stuck in the economic doldrums while other states are rebounding from the recession. He...


Premium Content Polling places for today's GOP, legislative primaries

 August 11, 2014; Updated: 1:08 pm

Editor’s note: This corrects the location of East Lyme's polling place.


Premium Content Foley, McKinney primed for the right to take on Malloy

 August 8, 2014; Updated: 12:20 am

Of the two Republican gubernatorial candidates on Tuesday’s primary ballot, state Sen. John McKinney has experience in government and Tom Foley could campaign against the incumbent as an...


Premium Content Expect a new face in 23rd House District seat; Carney, Lanier meet in GOP primary

 August 8, 2014; Updated: 1:10 pm

For the first time in 12 years, a new leader will represent the 23rd House District.


Premium Content Ritter, Satti discuss issues in debate before 20th District Democratic primary

 August 6, 2014; Updated: 1:54 pm

Near the end of Tuesday night's Democratic primary debate in the 20th state Senate District, the moderator asked the candidates where they differ. Both thought they were similar.


Premium Content Maynard's recovery from injury leaves status of his Senate seat unclear as election nears

 August 6, 2014; Updated: 2:58 pm

With Election Day 13 weeks away, state Sen. Andrew Maynard’s name continues to be on the ballot although he remains hospitalized after suffering a serious head injury at his Stonington home 15...


Premium Content Hardy, Wilson endorse Satti for State Senate

 August 6, 2014; Updated: 9:48 pm

Selectwoman Rose Ann Hardy and Selectman Rob Wilson on Wednesday announced their endorsement of Bill Satti for the 20th Senate District.


Premium Content Andrew Lockwood seeks Hewett's state House seat

 August 6, 2014; Updated: 12:33 am

Andrew R. Lockwood Sr., a frequent candidate for local and state office, announced Tuesday that he will file paperwork this week to run for the 39th House District seat.


Premium Content Bozrah first selectman endorses Satti for state Senate

 August 4, 2014; Updated: 1:53 pm

Bozrah — First Selectman Bill Ballinger on Monday endorsed Democrat Bill Satti for the 20th District seat in the state Senate.


Premium Content Economy, character issues give Republican lieutenant governor candidates lots to talk about

 August 4, 2014; Updated: 4:00 pm

The Aug. 12 Republican primary race for lieutenant governor features a three-way race between state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, R-Stafford Springs, Groton Town Councilor Heather Bond Somers and former...


Premium Content Ritter and Satti prepare to square off

 August 4, 2014; Updated: 1:52 pm

Democrats Betsy Ritter and Bill Satti, who are seeking their party's nomination to run for the 20th District state Senate seat on Aug. 12, will debate on Tuesday.


Premium Content 3 Republicans running for 47th District nomination

 August 4, 2014; Updated: 1:54 pm

Doug Dubitsky of Chaplin and Noah Enslow and Michael Meadows, both of Sprague, are vying for the Republican Party nomination in the Aug. 12 primary to run for state representative from the 47th...


Premium Content Candidates for 20th Senate District to debate

 August 2, 2014; Updated: 11:49 pm

Betsy Ritter and Bill Satti will participate in a political debate at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday in the lower-level meeting room of the Waterford Public Library, at 49 Rope Ferry Road.


Premium Content Hospital unions back Ritter for state Senate

 July 29, 2014; Updated: 8:10 pm

State Rep. Elizabeth Ritter, D-Waterford, will face New London Democratic Town Committee Chairman Bill Satti in the Aug. 12 primary.


Premium Content Collins gets Green Party slot in run for 38th District seat

 July 29, 2014; Updated: 12:00 am

The 38th District represents Waterford and Montville.


Premium Content Hopkins-Cavanagh taking conservative approach in her run for Congress

 July 28, 2014; Updated: 12:03 am

Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh of New London, a Libertarian running as a Republican candidate, is hoping to add Second District congresswoman to her long list of titles.


Premium Content Waterford to host voter registration

 July 25, 2014; Updated: 11:55 pm

Waterford - The Registrars of Voters will hold voter registration Tuesday, July 29, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the registrars' office in Town Hall, for the Aug. 12 primary...


Premium Content Registrar race makes for unusual primary in North Stonington

 July 25, 2014; Updated: 12:02 am

A primary will be held in August between two women vying for the opportunity to work with fewer than 4,000 registered voters in a part-time job that pays barely $5,000 a year.


Premium Content Sprague's Enslow files complaint against opponent Dubitsky in state House race

 July 25, 2014; Updated: 12:02 am

The campaign manager for Republican 47th District state House of Representative primary candidate Noah Enslow has filed an election complaint against opponent Doug Dubitsky for allegedly failing to...


Premium Content Foley: McKinney should leave governor's race, endorse him

 July 24, 2014; Updated: 11:09 am

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley said he appreciates the endorsements from former Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and expects state Sen. John McKinney of Fairfield, a fellow...


Premium Content Montville voters may register Tuesday

 July 23, 2014; Updated: 4:33 pm

This session is in preparation for the Republican and Democratic primaries on Aug. 12.


Premium Content Courtney jumps to $1 million fundraising advantage in 2nd District campaign

 July 18, 2014; Updated: 12:46 am

U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, has outstripped his Republican challenger in fundraising by more than $1 million, according to paperwork filed by each candidate with the Federal Election...


Premium Content The number of uncontested races in the legislature up again this year

 July 18, 2014; Updated: 12:46 am

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill announced Thursday that the number of uncontested races by major parties increased by 56 percent this year compared to 2012.


Premium Content East Lyme voters may register July 29

 July 17, 2014; Updated: 2:47 pm

This registration session is in preparation for the Republican and Democratic primaries to be held on Aug. 12.


Premium Content New London voters may register July 29

 July 17, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

The session comes ahead of the primary elections that will be held from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aug. 12.


Premium Content Ritter and Satti to receive public campaign financing

 July 17, 2014; Updated: 12:16 am

The State Elections Enforcement Commission announced that the Democratic candidates for the 20th District state Senate seat Bill Satti andBetsy Ritter are eligible for public campaign financing...


Premium Content Democratic state Senate candidate Bjornberg qualifies for public financing

 July 16, 2014; Updated: 4:16 pm

Lyme — Democratic State Senate Candidate Emily Bjornberg of Lyme announced Thursday that her campaign has qualified for public financing in compliance with...


Premium Content New London voter registration planned

 July 16, 2014; Updated: 5:15 pm

The city’s registrars of voters will hold a voter registration session at City Hall on Tuesday, July 29 from 5 to 8 p.m. The session comes ahead of the primary elections that will be held Aug.


Premium Content Norwich registrars of voters to hold extended hours

 July 15, 2014; Updated: 1:56 pm

The registrars of voters will hold extended hours on July 29 to register new voters and those who wish to be restored to the voter list in Norwich.


Premium Content Wright opponent qualifies for public financing

 July 14, 2014; Updated: 2:10 pm

Under the state's campaign finance laws, Republican Aundré Bumgardner had to raise $5,000 in small donations of $100 or less from at least 150 people living in Groton or New London.


Premium Content Groton voter registration for Republican primary

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 12:32 pm

To give new voters the chance to register for the Republican primary on August 12, the town Republican registrar will hold voter registration from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. on July 29 at the Registrar of...


Premium Content Waterford Green Party cites areas of growth

 July 7, 2014; Updated: 11:42 pm

The fledgling Waterford Green Party has met some major milestones despite some growing pains. \n


Premium Content Somers approved for public campaign financing

 July 3, 2014; Updated: 4:14 pm

Lieutenant governor candidate and Groton Town Councilor Heather Bond Somers was notified Thursday that she has been approved for public campaign financing.


Premium Content State Green Party nominates Collins for 38th District

 July 2, 2014; Updated: 12:15 am

The state Green Party has nominated Waterford resident and Green Party member Bill Collins for the 38th District state representative seat being vacated by Betsy Ritter, who is running for the 20th...


Premium Content Waterford Green Party taps candidate to run for 38th District seat

 June 23, 2014; Updated: 12:31 am

Waterford — The Waterford Green Party announced Monday that Billy G. Collins will seek its party’s nomination to run for the 38th...


Premium Content State, Finizio at odds over New London polling location resolution

 June 18, 2014; Updated: 8:03 pm

The mayor appears to be at odds with the secretary of the state’s office over the resolution passed Monday by the City Council to add three new polling locations in the city.


Premium Content New London panel OKs plan to add three voting districts

 June 12, 2014; Updated: 12:20 am

Councilor and committee Chairman Efrain Dominguez said that if voting districts were smaller and polling places were more centrally located, it would be easier for people to walk to them.


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