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New London police department in turmoil

Here you'll find all of the articles, video and documents related to the allegations of corruption in the New London Police Department and the harassment claims by Police Chief Margaret Ackley.



Premium Content Judge sets date to hear injunction request by New London police chief

 August 20, 2014; Updated: 12:11 am

A judge in New London this week set a Dec. 9 date for a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction against Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio by New London Police Chief Margaret Ackley.


Premium Content New London mayor suspends police chief, calls for an investigation

 July 31, 2014; Updated: 1:50 pm

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio on Thursday suspended Police Chief Margaret Ackley with pay “pending the outcome of an investigation into her conduct as Chief.” Ackley's suspension came one day after she filed a request for an injunction...


Premium Content New London police chief asks for injunction against mayor

 July 30, 2014; Updated: 11:57 am

Claiming her authority is being usurped by Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio, Police Chief Margaret Ackley on Wednesday filed a request for a preliminary injunction asking a judge to order Finizio “to cease ignoring, bypassing, isolating, and...


Premium Content New London begins long process to hire police officers

 July 18, 2014; Updated: 3:21 pm

With the ranks at the New London Police Department dwindling to its lowest levels in recent memory, the arrival of a pool of 30 potential recruits to the city on Saturday is a welcome sign.


Premium Content New London police clean house, literally, getting rid of old evidence, paperwork, equipment

 July 13, 2014; Updated: 2:04 pm

Police shredded thousands of pounds of paperwork and transported, with a police escort, 12 truckloads of evidence and assorted aged or broken equipment to the transfer station during a recent purging and cleanup.


Premium Content New London police union president awarded statewide honor

 July 3, 2014; Updated: 2:44 pm

The Connecticut Council of Police Unions in May honored local police union president Todd Lynch as its Labor Leader of the Year, crediting him with leading the union “through a tumultuous and often acrimonious relationship with the city...


Premium Content New London police union says department's request over website posting has 'chilling effect'

 June 21, 2014; Updated: 11:14 pm

The union representing New London police expressed frustration this week over what they claim is an internal review by department leadership into a posting on the union’s website.


Premium Content Judge denies Goode’s request for bond reduction in hindering, tampering case

 June 4, 2014; Updated: 12:01 pm

Lance Goode, 45, of New London has been held in lieu of $50,000 cash since city police charged him last month with first-degree hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence in connection with the Aug. 29 shooting death of Jesus...


Premium Content Anti-profiling law continues to be refined

 May 15, 2014; Updated: 12:12 am

A meeting was held Wednesday in Windham to discuss changes to the state’s anti-discrimination law that requires law enforcement to collect demographics data on the people they pull over for traffic stops.


Premium Content Goode charged with hindering, witness tampering linked to New London homicide

 May 8, 2014; Updated: 12:14 am

Lance Goode, who has a lengthy criminal history and is suing the New London police, was arraigned Thursday in connection with the Aug. 29, 2013, shooting death of Jesus “Gee” Pinero.


Premium Content New London City Council looks at costs associated with police minimum staffing

 April 15, 2014; Updated: 11:58 pm

The City Council's Finance Committee on Monday reviewed the $8.9 million proposed budget that would pay for the minimum staffing of 80 city police officers required by ordinance.


Premium Content New London 'noncompliant' with anti-profiling law

 March 23, 2014; Updated: 12:14 am

The city's police department is one of just three in the state listed as noncompliant with the newly updated anti-racial profiling law, according to a report presented to state legislators last week.


Premium Content NAACP hopeful complaints against New London police will get new look

 February 19, 2014; Updated: 12:41 pm

Following months of frustration over what appeared to be a lack of interest by federal authorities into civil rights complaints against the New London police department, a member of the state NAACP said there are new encouraging signs that those...


Premium Content Minimum staffing for NL police on agenda

 January 4, 2014; Updated: 5:11 pm

The City Council on Monday will review a proposal to adopt a minimum police staffing level to maintain a “viable police force” in the city.


Premium Content New London continues fight against rehire of fired cop

 December 26, 2013; Updated: 12:24 am

Deadlines for legal briefs were issued by a judge this week as part of the city's attempt to fight the rehiring of fired New London Police Officer Thomas Northup.


Premium Content New London honors police with promotion, awards

 December 17, 2013; Updated: 12:06 am

Newly promoted police Sgt. Matthew Galante might very well have been tracking storms rather than chasing criminals. While sorting through his options as a student at the University of Connecticut, Galante had pursued meteorology as a major, but...


Premium Content Police chief wants union lawyer banned

 December 7, 2013; Updated: 12:11 am

The police chief has banned the police union’s lawyer from all police buildings, alleging the attorney “went berserk” last month and verbally assaulted her prior to a meeting at the police station.


Premium Content New London cop fired for allegedly leaking memo

 December 6, 2013; Updated: 12:17 am

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio fired police Officer David McElroy on Friday, citing McElroy's leaking of a document about an alleged sexual assault and subsequent “untruthful” behavior during an investigation into it.


Premium Content New London mayor: Police union spreading half-truths

 December 4, 2013; Updated: 12:17 am

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio claims the police union has spread half-truths about what’s going on behind closed doors between city and police union attorneys — further intensifying the acrimony between the city administration and union.


Premium Content Union: New London officer on leave accused of leaks to media

 November 19, 2013; Updated: 12:20 am

Police confirmed on Tuesday that Officer David McElroy, who the union claims is the target of an internal investigation regarding a leak about a reported rape this summer, was placed on administrative leave last month.


Premium Content Serious crime in New London down slightly in 2012

 October 12, 2013; Updated: 12:19 am

The number of serious crimes dipped in the city again last year despite a severe drop in manpower, and police officials say they are on track to record another drop in 2013.


Premium Content New London police union gives nod of approval to current officers

 October 3, 2013; Updated: 10:38 pm

Officers in the New London police union, AFSCME Local 724, will remain at their positions this year after their nominations went unopposed on Thursday.


Premium Content New London police announce 2013 VFW officer of the year

 September 25, 2013; Updated: 12:19 am

Three-year police Officer Jeremy Zelinski has been named the 2013 New London VFW Officer of the Year.


Premium Content Bessie bides time in Norwich kennel while city leaders determine her fate

 August 16, 2013; Updated: 12:03 am

At the Norwichtown Pet Resort, the New London Police Department's tracking bloodhound Bessie knows nothing of the political battle that has raged this summer over her status in the department that has owned her for the past five years.


Premium Content Montville announces hiring of former New London officer

 August 6, 2013; Updated: 4:15 pm

The Montville Police Department plans to welcome a former New London police officer into its ranks next week.


Premium Content Delay in releasing New London rape information questioned

 August 2, 2013; Updated: 12:12 am

In the wake of a sexual assault in the downtown area that was first reported three days after the incident and was never formally reported to the City Council, council President Michael Passero is calling for change.


Premium Content City attorney says K-9 ordinance reaches beyond council authority

 August 2, 2013; Updated: 12:02 am

The city attorney has advised the City Council it should not approve a proposed ordinance that would require the police department to maintain a four-dog K-9 unit because it violates the charter.


Premium Content NAACP seeking update from feds on New London police complaint

 August 1, 2013; Updated: 1:01 pm

Members of the state NAACP and its local chapters expect to meet today with federal criminal justice officials in hopes they are still investigating allegations that a former New London police officer planted drugs at the scene of an arrest in 2010.


Premium Content Rape takes center stage in New London

 July 31, 2013; Updated: 5:26 pm

It was late one night about two weeks ago when a woman reported to police that she had been confronted and dragged into an alley near the municipal parking lots in downtown New London, where she was attacked in a brutal sexual...


Premium Content As New London police ranks shrink, safety concerns grow

 July 28, 2013; Updated: 9:47 pm

The numbers of city police officers has dropped to its lowest level in at least a decade, and the recent exodus of officers has cost the city in more ways than one.


Premium Content New London's sharp police decline a concern

 July 28, 2013; Updated: 9:45 pm

In his platform, "A Vision for New London," released during his successful run for mayor in the 2011 election, Daryl Justin Finizio wrote, "Our parks, schools, and streets must be safe and clean, or revitalization efforts and economic...


Premium Content New London police dogs do often jump through cruiser windows

 July 24, 2013; Updated: 11:29 pm

In a blog on its website, the law firm representing Todd Lynch, president of the New London police union, took issue with a column I wrote Friday outlining some of the problems with the controversial police dog program managed by their client,...


Premium Content Victims of police dog bites in New London are mostly black or Hispanic

 July 19, 2013; Updated: 9:31 am

When the NAACP last year shared some copies of citizen complaints against New London police, one that stood out as especially egregious described a 2009 incident involving police union President Todd Lynch.


Premium Content Go ahead Mayor Finizio, fire the police chief

 July 3, 2013; Updated: 11:55 pm

For her new lawsuit against the city, New London Police Chief Margaret Ackley apparently did some lawyer shopping, not using the local attorney who has represented her so far in her long campaign to be compensated for the fact that one of the...


Premium Content Mayor says New London police can keep bloodhound Bessie

 July 2, 2013; Updated: 12:11 am

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio announced Tuesday that Bessie the bloodhound would remain with the New London Police Department and would be reassigned to another city officer.


Premium Content NL police turmoil

 July 1, 2013; Updated: 8:55 am

That there is dysfunction, dissent and low morale within the ranks of the New London Police Department now appears beyond dispute. It was on display at a recent meeting of the Public Safety Committee of the City Council. It is clear in comments...


Premium Content Ackley sues, says city had 'scheme' to hurt her

 June 26, 2013; Updated: 7:41 pm

Chief Margaret Ackley has filed a lawsuit against the mayor, the city and a city attorney alleging they had a “plan or scheme” to intentionally violate the terms of her contract to hurt her, both monetarily and emotionally.


Premium Content Council committee backs K-9 unit in New London

 June 26, 2013; Updated: 12:18 am

The City Council’s Public Safety Committee is recommending the mayor support the police department’s K-9 unit and maintain at least four police dogs.


Premium Content New London Police Department retires K-9 Buck, donates Bessie

 June 20, 2013; Updated: 9:27 pm

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio announced Thursday the retirement of one of the city's police dogs and the donation of another to a different police department.


Premium Content New London police chief's suggested budget handling, layoffs not 'set in concrete'

 May 15, 2013; Updated: 11:58 pm

On Tuesday, the city administration said Chief Margaret Ackley does not have the final say on staffing levels, and no decisions have been made as to how cuts to the police department will play out.


Premium Content Police chief warns of drastic cuts if New London budget goes forward

 May 14, 2013; Updated: 11:48 pm

The city’s police chief said Monday she will have to lay off 15 police officers if a $924,000 cut budget stands, leaving the day shift with only two patrol officers on duty.


Premium Content Rehired New London police officer has attendance clause

 May 13, 2013; Updated: 11:39 pm

The agreement that led to the rehiring of fired New London Police Officer Joshua Bergeson earlier this month calls for his immediate termination should he violate any policy regarding attendance within the next three years, according to details of...


Premium Content Fired New London police officer gets his job back

 April 29, 2013; Updated: 12:10 am

New London Police Officer Joshua Bergeson was back on the job Monday, more than a year after he was fired by the city for his alleged involvement in the beating of a man outside a city drug and alcohol detoxification...


Premium Content Chief Ackley’s lawyer says she does not want to retire

 April 29, 2013; Updated: 12:08 am

New London Police Chief Margaret Ackley does not want to retire, and her attorney criticized the mayor Monday for calling for a special City Council meeting Monday to discuss a retirement proposal.


Premium Content Attorney: Ackley not planning to retire

 April 29, 2013; Updated: 4:04 pm

An attorney representing Police Chief Margaret Ackley said Monday the chief has no desire to retire despite a special City Council meeting tonight to talk about a “retirement proposal."


Premium Content Chief Ackley: Prepared to hand in her badge?

 April 27, 2013; Updated: 11:52 pm

New London police Chief Margaret Ackley, who was hired with much fanfare in 2009 as the first female police chief but more recently has been at odds with the city over money, may be looking to retire.


Premium Content Councilors question drastic cuts outlined in New London mayor's budget plan

 April 9, 2013; Updated: 11:48 pm

The city would have to lay off 20 police officers to save $1.4 million in the police budget, a cut that would decrease department staffing by 25 percent.


Report: New London police officers punched, kicked suspect's head

 March 29, 2013; Updated: 6:15 pm

A New London police officer and his supervisor punched and kicked a repeat domestic violence offender in the head as they struggled to take him into custody on March 13, leaving him with a black eye and a bruise on his forehead.


Premium Content Civil rights lawsuit against New London police, city moves forward

 March 19, 2013; Updated: 12:18 am

A federal civil rights lawsuit brought by city resident Lance Goode against former New London police officer Roger Newton, five other officers and the city is going forward.


Premium Content New London police search minorities more often than whites

 March 3, 2013; Updated: 4:43 pm

Blacks and Hispanics pulled over by city police are nearly twice as likely as whites to have their vehicles searched, according to an analysis by The Day of motor vehicles stops in 2011.


Premium Content Toothless law requires traffic stop data that ends up rarely used

 March 3, 2013; Updated: 12:45 am

After revamping the law that requires police departments to record information about traffic stops, the state next year hopes to release its most comprehensive analysis of whether race plays a factor in whom the police decide to pull over.


Premium Content NLPD gun buy-back

 March 2, 2013; Updated: 4:10 pm

The New London Police Department offers gift cards from community donations for turned in fire arms Saturday March 2, 2013.


Premium Content New London wrestles with how to handle complaints against cops

 February 26, 2013; Updated: 9:10 am

New London — A City Council committee is recommending the Police-Community Relations Committee no longer meet in closed session to discuss civilian complaints filed...


Premium Content City Councilor Wade Hyslop tries shaking up New London panels, boards

 February 11, 2013; Updated: 12:18 am

Out with the old and in with the new when it comes to appointments to city boards and commissions.


Premium Content New London police get opportunity to pick work hours

 January 28, 2013; Updated: 12:21 am

The city’s police union will try out a new system of “bid shifts” in February that will allow officers to pick their daily work shifts by seniority for three months at a time.


Premium Content Judge rejects NL's effort to throw out lawsuit against police chief

 January 14, 2013; Updated: 7:11 pm

New London — A motion filed by the city and police chief to dismiss a lawsuit brought by police union President Todd Lynch was denied last month.Filed in August, the motion was denied Dec. 14...


Premium Content Reported crime in New London down 13 percent from 2011

 January 9, 2013; Updated: 12:42 am

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio announced Tuesday that recorded crimes in the city were almost 13 percent lower in 2012 than in 2011, when crime was at a 10-year high.


Character, ideas trump gender and skin color

 January 9, 2013; Updated: 5:12 pm

Policy will come from clash of ideas, not clash of genders.


Premium Content New London Police Community Relations Committee postpones discussion without option of closed session

 January 3, 2013; Updated: 12:04 am

The Police Community Relations Committee tabled its discussion of an investigation of a civilian complaint Wednesday night after the police deputy chief declined to enter a closed session to review the case.


Premium Content Teen involved in Chew attack to be sentenced to eight years

 December 12, 2012; Updated: 11:51 pm

Brian Rabell, who took part in the random and fatal attack on Matthew Chew in New London two years ago with five other teens, pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of first-degree manslaughter Wednesday in New London Superior Court.


Premium Content Finizio says police panel wrong to close reviews

 December 6, 2012; Updated: 12:19 am

Representatives of the mayor and chief of police will not take part in closed-door Police Community Relations Committee reviews of police investigations of civilian complaints, New London's mayor said Wednesday.


Premium Content New London Police Community Relations discussions no longer in public

 December 5, 2012; Updated: 12:16 am

Discussions about police investigations into citizens’ complaints of police officers are no longer being heard in the public portion of Police Community Relations Committee meetings.


Premium Content New London police union says crime on the rise; administration disagrees

 October 23, 2012; Updated: 12:15 am

The New London police union, the administration and the City Council discuss police staffing and crime during a Public Safety Committee meeting.


Premium Content Finizio orders written reprimand of New London police chief over emails

 October 22, 2012; Updated: 12:25 am

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio ordered a written reprimand for police Chief Margaret Ackley Monday.The Ackley Disciplinary Report


Premium Content New London concludes investigation of Ackley emails

 October 11, 2012; Updated: 12:27 am

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said Thursday that he conducted a predisciplinary hearing for Police Chief Margaret Ackley but will reserve his decision for about a week to allow her attorney time to pursue some "legitimate" questions.


Premium Content Close but no budget: New London City Council vote on slimmed-down spending plan tabled

 September 28, 2012; Updated: 11:20 am

The City Council met in a special meeting to approve a revised $41.4 million budget that was nearly $1 million less than what was approved in June. But Council President Michael Passero abruptly called for the vote to be tabled until Oct. 9.


Premium Content Mashantuckets beef up police department with new hires

 September 12, 2012; Updated: 3:15 pm

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, intent on beefing up its police force as it prepares to assume greater responsibility for public safety at its casinos, has added three police officers, two of whom have decades of experience with municipal departments...


Premium Content Leave it to the mayor

 September 12, 2012; Updated: 11:23 pm

It's the executive's role to police the police.


Premium Content New London City Council panel could investigate Ackley

 September 11, 2012; Updated: 12:03 am

City Council could conduct its own investigation about the police union’s claims that the chief of police acted inappropriately in an email correspondence with a private citizen\n\n


Premium Content New London's deputy police chief settling in to new job

 August 27, 2012; Updated: 3:57 pm

A 22-year veteran of the New Haven Police Department, Peter Reichard is about 90 days into his new gig as the deputy chief in New London. He said last week he's felt like a good fit — and welcomed — in his first months on the job.


Premium Content New London cop on disability told he's finished

 August 14, 2012; Updated: 12:29 am

A New London police detective on disability for two years may be out of a job.


Premium Content Former New London police captain seeks Mashantucket post

 June 23, 2012; Updated: 11:42 pm

Former New London Deputy Chief William Dittman is an applicant for the position of Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Police chief.


Premium Content New London police lieutenants promoted to captains

 June 22, 2012; Updated: 11:36 pm

New London — Two lieutenants in the New London Police Department have been promoted to captain, Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio announced Friday.


Premium Content Mayor: Police, city accord avoids layoffs

 June 20, 2012; Updated: 5:05 pm

Negotiations between the city and the police union have yielded a six-point memorandum of agreement that will avoid any layoffs during the next fiscal year and, when paired with other changes, could save the city $500,000 to $1 million.


Premium Content Layoffs in NLPD averted

 June 14, 2012; Updated: 9:10 am

New London – Negotiations between the police union and the city ended Thursday with a labor deal that union President Todd Lynch said will avert any layoffs in the police department.


Premium Content Finizio: Public safety layoff notices will stand

 May 30, 2012; Updated: 10:40 am

The rift between the mayor and the City Council widens as the mayor refuses to rescind the notices even as he says he doesn't think drastic cuts in New London's police and fire department personnel will be necessary.


Premium Content Finizio: layoff notices still stand

 May 30, 2012; Updated: 2:47 pm

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio has not rescinded any layoff notices sent to city workers last week, including 25 to the fire department and 10 to the police department, despite actions by the City Council Tuesday night.


Premium Content New London firefighters, police receive pink slips

 May 26, 2012; Updated: 11:46 pm

Layoff notices have been sent to several police officers and 25 firefighters as the city struggles to cut its budget. The unions are fighting the threatened job losses.


Premium Content City sets talks with police, fire unions

 May 23, 2012; Updated: 2:46 pm

The leader of the city's police union says he'll participate in the meetings to discuss preventing layoffs, but he remains wary because the city's budget process is not yet complete.


Premium Content Mayor calls for drastic police, fire department cuts

 May 17, 2012; Updated: 5:01 pm

New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said Thursday that 10 police officers and 25 firefighters will be given layoff notices by June 1 "due to reductions in the administration's proposed budget."



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