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'There we go again,' slipping into war

 September 22, 2014; Updated: 4:46 pm

Our challenge is managing the threat of more terrorists actions, our mistake would slipping into another Mideast War.


Support for Terrence Carter for New London school superintendent was not unanimous

 September 21, 2014; Updated: 8:21 am

A former member of the search committee writes that not everyone supported the selection of Terrence Carter to be the superintendent of New London schools.


Reflecting on a letter

 September 21, 2014; Updated: 8:42 am

Rev. Shipman writes about his resignation as a Yale chaplain following his controversial letter to the editor.


Rev. Shipman's treatment shameful

 September 19, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

Yale clergy group should not punish clergyman for pursuing social justice.


Ending nuke fuel recycling was a mistake we must fix

 September 14, 2014; Updated: 1:29 am

It's definitely in New England's economic interest to push for a revival of the recycling of material from spent nuclear fuel rods, a byproduct of nuclear power plant operations.Pursuing recycling of used fuel currently stored at nuclear...


NL mayor: 'Wash clean the stain on our city'

 September 13, 2014; Updated: 4:07 pm

In 2000, the New London City Council approved a development plan for the Fort Trumbull peninsula and granted the New London Development Corporation (now called the Renaissance City Development Association) the authority to implement that plan,...


Herbst promises major fiscal reforms

 September 8, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

Everywhere I travel in Connecticut, the message from our citizens is consistent and clear. Connecticut is borrowing too much, spending too much and taxing too much. The fiscal future of our state is on the precipice of collapse. Elected leaders...


Two new imperatives: Kurds and Ukrainians need American military support

 September 7, 2014; Updated: 1:01 am

The Sunday talk shows have been awash with Congressmen, military spokespersons and other notables declaring the need for coalition partners before bombing the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS), or before supporting Ukraine's...


Malloy and Northeast Utilities have gotten much too cozy

 September 7, 2014; Updated: 1:03 am

It is the biggest pay-to-play controversy of the current gubernatorial campaign and the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association views very seriously the State Election Enforcement Commission's probe into the pro-Malloy fundraising efforts of a...


Moral and economic need to stem climate change

 September 7, 2014; Updated: 5:12 pm

Ruining our atmosphere is not only scandalous, it's bad for business. All the more reason to join the People's Climate March on Sept. 21 in New York City, timed to overlay a landmark gathering of world leaders at the United Nations.Quaker...


Premium Content Will ISIS 'lone wolf' hit us in the United States?

 September 1, 2014; Updated: 4:59 pm

There have been conflicting reports over the past week about the likelihood of an attack by ISIS within the United States. Even high-ranking officials within the Department of Defense have raised a level of concern not heard for some time now.


Premium Content Kurds are vital to stopping ISIL

 August 31, 2014; Updated: 5:46 pm

From 2008 to 2010, I went on 12 different working missions to Iraq, where I worked with local leaders and members of parliament on democracy and governance issues. Each morning, I would look south across the desert as the sun slowly rose over the...


Colleges' dirty little secret: Adjunct professors

 August 31, 2014; Updated: 3:41 pm

We are the stoop laborers of higher education: adjunct professors.As colleges and universities rev for the fall semester, the stony exploitation of the adjunct faculty continues, providing cheap labor for America's campuses, from small...


Sympathy for their plight

 August 26, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

It would be wonderful if David Collins' smug, "I told you so" in Sunday's Day - "Amistad, Hewett and the best port" - was the last we heard from him about the Amistad. I've had enough of his wild surmises and unfounded accusations. Certainly,...


Premium Content AG acted when it made legal sense

 August 26, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

Thanks to the reporting of this paper and others, The Day's readers are by now familiar with the troubles of Amistad America, Inc., the organization that owns and operates the Freedom Schooner Amistad. Last week, my office went to court to have a...


Premium Content Groton cleric reflects on generations of loss and dispossession

 August 10, 2014; Updated: 7:49 pm

Our suburb of Cairo, where the American School was located, was popular with expatriates and also with Palestinian émigrés, and I remember well the Farouky family who lived next door.


Premium Content Correction:

 August 9, 2014; Updated: 5:51 pm

A paragraph in Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh's commentary, "Collins column was maligning, misleading," (Aug. 8). was printed incorrectly. It should have read, "Small businesses here have been driven to near extinction. Recently, Fusion Paperboard in...


Premium Content Heather Somers' firm continues to expand

 August 6, 2014; Updated: 10:12 am

Recently, I have read several interesting accounts about Hydrofera, LLC, which was started by Tom Rallo, Heather Somers and me in 1997 in Willimantic. Heather is running in the Republican primary for lieutenant governor Aug. 12, so I wanted to...


Premium Content When journalists are silenced, public pays the high price of ignorance

 August 3, 2014; Updated: 8:53 pm

Harassing and jailing journalists creates a ripple effect, silent and insidious, obvious but impossible to quantify. Jailing journalists limits the "multiplicity of ideas" critical to understanding complicated stories.


Premium Content Foreign crises move front and center

 August 3, 2014; Updated: 3:41 pm

As Congress departs for summer recess and the 2016 presidential election season begins, national security is set to dominate the agenda. Although the economy, the Affordable Health Care Act, and taxes remain issues of great interest, the...


Opening a Gateway to problems in East Lyme

 July 27, 2014; Updated: 4:59 pm

The quality of life the citizens of East Lyme have come to enjoy over the past 30 years could soon disappear, particularly for those living around Flanders Four Corners. I make that statement based on the potential impacts of the proposed...


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