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After election, future looks grim

Kevin Fry Norwich

Publication: The Day

Published 11/15/2012 12:00 AM
Updated 11/14/2012 04:07 PM

Had you told me 20 years ago that the nation I love, the liberty I respect, and the history/traditions I cherish would come to an end, I wouldn't have believed you.

If you told me at the end of my hard road in this life we would end up turning this nation over to lazy, greedy, willfully-ignorant so-and-sos, I wouldn't believe you.

Look around, Connecticut; that day has come.

In "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, the looters have taken over and men of conscience, ability, and honor have been vilified and forced out. The nation is dying and the population is turned into slave labor. Rynd wrote this in the 1040s after escaping from communist Russia. Look around, Connecticut - that day is coming.

There is a storm coming, Connecticut, far worse than Katrina or Sandy. Pray you and your family can find shelter from it, because you and your fellow liberal states will feel the pain the most.

Several of them are ready to collapse already. You don't realize it yet, but Obama's triumphant re-election has sealed your fate.

Get ready, Connecticut.

God save us all.

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