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Property Transactions - Dec. 21, 2012

Published December 21. 2012 4:00AM


49 Cedar Ln: Sullivan, Sean M & Moates, Angela K to Macfadyen, Barbara A, $190,000.


324 West Rd: Bangs, Antoinette M to Rampone, Joseph C & Rampone, Joseph C, $25,000.

2 Boulder Rd #2: FNMA to Cholodecki, Slawomir, $650,000.

503 Lebanon Ave: Dominick, Mary D to Abel, Stephen & Parker, Alison, $165,000.

Brookstone Dr #25: Connecticut RE Props to Rampone, Joseph C, $395,000.


2 Upper Kensington Dr: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Taylor, Dean E & Taylor, Angela F, $589,000.

5 Hemingway Rd: Hay, Andrew W & Hay, Nina E to Tracy, Douglas S & Tracy, Charlotte C, $720,000.

11 Uncas Rd: Bonelli, John A & Nebelung, Alexander H to Halleran, Julia R, $165,000.

30 Brainard Rd: Chapman Richard C Est & Obrien, Kymberly C to Wilczek, Daniel, $322,500.

3 Barrett Dr: Karamargin, Michael C & Karamargin, Anne S to Mcintire, Gregory L & Mcintire, Thene M, $260,000.

9 Fairhaven Rd: Lankerd, Steven C & Lankerd, Pamela K to Miller, Brett H & Miller, Maria T, $180,000.

97 W Main St #38: Olson, Angela to Walley, Donald, $175,000.

6 Wells St: Shedd, Jay to Niantic Village Of, $100,000.

5 Alexander Dr: Ritz, Lisa W to Donahoe, Joseph E & Glowaky, Stacy L, $420,000.

26 Willow Ln: Hubbs, Arthur C & Hubbs, Karen S to Carter, Kent L & Carter, Amy L, $504,000.

225 Flanders Rd: Merri-Perry, Erin to Merri-Perry, Erin, $70,000.

225 Flanders Rd: Kelly, Donald W to Sullivan, Susan E, $70,000.

11 Bittersweet Dr: Somayaji, Raviraj G & Somayaji, Veena R to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $398,000.

11 King Arthur Dr #4A: Baker, Zachary J to Caldwell, Brent, $140,000.

Chesterfield Rd: Roy, Michael Edward to Hemlock Holdings LLC, $60,000.

3 Winthrop Dr: Curtis, Craig S & Curtis, Sandra S to Eastern Cmnty Dev Corp, $265,000.

20 Sunset Ave: Halloran, William J to Soracchi, Anne H & Soracchi, Louis J, $59,500.

20 Sunset Ave: Halloran, Thomas C & Millette, Joanne B to Soracchi, Anne H & Soracchi, Louis J, $59,500.

4 Whitecap Rd: Talarski, Jon A & Talarski, John P to Brysgel, Ethan, $435,000.

31 Sea Spray Ave: Bank Of New York Mellon to Mcconaughy, Pierce R & Mcconaughy, Marcia S, $260,000.

86 E Shore Dr: Scudder, Timothy T to Scudder-Casey, Linda, $100,000.

32 Cardinal Rd: Ahmed, Imran & Ahmed, Maliba to Schmidt, Joseph H & Schmidt, Sarah A, $302,500.

74 S Beechwood Rd: Autrey, Jeffrey L & Autrey, Tara M to Goula, Matthew & Clark, Amber, $245,000.

6 Honeysuckle Ln #6: Norris, Norma E & Norris, Walter W to Fatone, Anthony & Fatone, Betty R, $250,000.

4 Sunflower Ln #4: Lindsay, Stuart R to White, Craig H & White, Mary E, $260,000.


1 Birch Heights Rd: Nacsin, George E to Charron, Kevin M, $200,000.


621 Military Hwy: Finn, Elaine R to Camassar, Garon, $21,000.

621 Military Hwy: Finn, Elaine R to Brewer, Mikal & Brewer, Elizabeth, $158,800.

100 Starr Hill Rd: Mccandless, Frederick D to Lagasse, Kent E & Kelly, Barbara R, $250,000.

46 Hamilton Ave: USA HUD to Ohio Investments LLC, $48,268.

230 Eastern Point Rd: Lynn, Dennis to Ugurlu, Musa, $300,000.

216 Mitchell St: Mcpherson, Kristin L & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

4 Godfrey St: Baits, Alvin L to Antico, Peter J & Antico, Joan H, $153,000.

45 Bayberry Ln: Mclaughlin, Cherry to Kugler, Sharon M & Isabella, Duane A, $411,250.

Lambtown Rd: Kettle, Donald L to Tansey, Denise M & Lacourse, Alice N, $41,000.

576 New London Rd: Watrous, Barry C to Vile, Russell E, $320,000.

27 Clairmont Cir: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Joyner, Thomas E & Joyner, Lorna T, $280,000.

132 Elm St: Butterworth, Kenneth W to Goldenthal, Soll M, $440,000.

27 Smith Ct: Whitney, James H to Farley, Darilyn, $811,000.

272 High St (Mystic): Schmiedeknecht, Adam R & Schmiedeknecht, Whitney K to Hocking, Brooks & Hocking, Holly, $315,000.

227 Godfrey Rd: Tier 1 Dev LLC to Sarrica, Koryn N, $80,000.

88 E Shore Ave: Rodgers, Thomas J to Earls Court LLC, $562,500.

33 George Ave #B: Russell, Meredith E to Coleman, Karen A & Coleman, Thomas E, $45,000.

54 Thames Height Ln #54: Valda, Armando G to CHFA, $1.

90 E Shore Ave: Parris, Prudence M to Earls Court LLC, $562,500.

1 Thames River Vlg #A: US Bank NA to SKP LLC, $4,000.


130 Deepwood Dr: Ditommaso, Mark R & Ditommaso, Phyllis M to Vadnais, Julie A & Lavell, Joyce A, $245,000.

11 Rita Dr: GC Holdings LLC to Rodriguez, Felipe & Rodriguez, Stacey M, $115,100.

184 Norwich Ave: Cote, Glenn R & Cushing, Kelly M to Grayson, Jennifer L, $225,600.


3 Autumn Way: Watrous, Barry C & Watrous, Gwendy E to Vile, Russell E, $320,000.

10 Wicklow Turn: Daley, Elizabeth to Miller, Todd & Miller, Michelle, $224,900.

10 Oakridge Dr: Labrie, Walter L to Jordan, Zachary A, $142,000.

5 Iron St: Malerba, Andrew C to Clarke, Lurena M, $149,752.

81 Stoddards Wharf Rd: Mashantucket Pequot Trib to Sebastian, L Brian, $130,000.

725 Colonel Ledyard Hwy: Connecticut State Of to Valpol Realty LLC, $16,079.

35 Meeting House Ln: Chester, Millicent A to Arruda, Jon, $65,000.

2 Model Park Rd: Guild, James R to Marabeti, Anthony, $143,000.

4 Smith Pond Way: Bancroft, Mark J & Bancroft, Nanette A to Spina, Benjamin J & Girdler, Catherine, $180,000.

1579 Route 12: Ebert, Rex & Ebert, Lee A to Ricker, Elizabeth F, $154,900.


38 Club House Rd: Delvecchio, I V & Ceccarelli, Glenn to Ceccarelli, Glenn, $43,571.

210 Bundy Hill Rd: Laliberty Mobile Hmes Inc to Murch, Demetria, $14,000.

58 Ethel Acres: FNMA to Field, Dawn M, $145,000.

38 S Burnham Hwy: Banks, Eugene L & Banks, Leonard O to Cyr Const Inc, $64,000.

49 Rex Rd: Briere, Joan M to Keefe, Meagan, $155,000.

26 Pleasant View Cv: Swiantek, Burton S & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

71 Sullivan Rd: Long, Vaughn A to Vasques, Andrew, $18,000.

75 N Burnham Hwy: Baker, Randall H & Baker, Christine M to Mitchell, Reid C & Mitchell, Cynthia M, $85,000.

48 Mell Rd: Cyr Const Inc to Morgan, James M & Morgan, Susan J, $79,900.


124 Richard Brown Dr: Diamantacos, Diana to Thompson, Michael L & Thompson, Elizabeth A, $225,000.

33 Chris Dr: Hover, Gary L & Hover, Diane T to Hayes, Joseph & Hayes, Kimberly, $265,000.

27 Rhode Island Dr: FNMA to Petrone Constr Co LLC, $86,500.


8 Maxson Pl: Phillips, Ralph E & CHFA to CHFA, $1.

38 Lee Ave: Bychowsky, Nancy to Arteaga, Carrie & Cammarata, Janice, $90,000.

12 Stanners St: Small, Annie M to Vallario, James S & Vallario, Lucia R, $85,000.


23 Lincoln Ave: Eckhoff, William T to Justice, James, $149,900.

51 Pine St: Bednarz, Michael S to Li, Xinrong, $150,000.

117 4th St: Nieves, Yamil O to Araujo, Anildo, $53,520.

106 School St: Washington Ent LLC & Norwich City Of to Norwich City Of, $1.

Fountain St: Washington Ent LLC & Norwich City Of to Norwich City Of, $1.

62 W Town St: Hendel Investors LLC to Megzon Props LLC, $211,250.

0 Harland Hts: Labenski, John to 10 Harland Heights LLC, $170,000.

2 School St: Washington Ent LLC & Norwich City Of to Norwich City Of, $1.

4 Flyers Dr: Olsen Carol Est & Raymond, Cheryl A to Milhomme, Sharon F, $121,500.

Cherry Hill Rd: Kidd, Matthew G & Kidd, Loring J to GC Holdings LLC, $82,000.

7 Cherry Hill Rd: Billias, George to Varrone, Stephanie, $205,000.

81 Starr St: FHLM to Tropnas, Mario, $145,000.

28 Prentice St: Jon, Teresa & Yip, Stanley W to Billings, Linda D & Billings, David M, $155,000.

Rogers Rd: Jurczyk, Walter C & Jurczyk, Janice L to Verbeke, Richard E & Verbeke, Ivona M, $279,000.


52 Cottonwood Dr: Shidell, Charles F & Shidell, Linda A to Sas, John F, $165,000.

50 Connecticut Dr: A Kausch&Sons LLC to Jung, Lance M & Jung, Kimberly A, $115,300.


241 Krug Rd: Silva, William to Hall, Peter A & Hall, Shirley, $174,900.

242 Route 165: Smiley, John G & Smiley, Ianita to Tylaska, Timothy T & Tylaska, Laurie A, $50,000.

11 Ortega Dr: Ortega T & Ningas, Zenaida to Gardner, Mary, $191,060.

39 Pendleton Rd: Lopresti, John R & Lopresti, Anne M to Lopresti, David M & Lopresti, Elizabeth U, $132,000.

255 Route 2A: Johnson, Bryan to JP Morgan Chase Bank, $1.

14 Mains Way: Fontaine, Paul V & Fontaine, Paula M to Fenlon, William & Fenlon, Lauren, $329,000.

84 Watson Rd: Garvie, Joseph M to Kotula, Joseph B & Kotula, Catherine E, $430,000.


10 Hazelwood Dr: FNMA to Pickford, Jennipher, $132,000.


258 Dixon Rd: Chapman, Kevin & Deutsche Bank to Deutsche Bank, $1.

253 Newport Rd: Smith, Freddy F & Smith, Anthony A to Johnson, Nicholas & Johnson, Alyssa, $130,000.

84 Old Cranston Rd: Mckeen, Terry & Mckeen, Melissa to Tardiff, Richard H, $145,000.

569 Sterling Rd: Marriott, Joan W to Ferri, May P, $146,000.

1255 Plainfield Pike: Ezzell Thelma V Est & Gercich, Mark S to Bonneau, Lawrence F, $23,000.


25 Orchard St #4: Crolla, Alfred J & Crolla, Barbara A to Murphy, Gillian & Murphy, Matthew C, $530,000.

19 E Forest Rd: Allsopp, Martha B to Bradford, William T, $105,000.

44 Riverbend Dr: Eggers, Carol & Rhodes, Mary L to Salsich, Hamilton E & Salsich, Delycia E, $245,000.

4 Coggswell St #8: Kuzmich Kenneth F Est & Smith, William to Lemme, Anthony J & Lemme, Patricia M, $110,000.

20 Denison Ave: Wharton, Emily N to Schaffer FT & Schaffer, Peter D, $719,000.

23 Clipper Dr: Chelsea Groton Bank to Wang, Ling L & Wang, Ling C, $355,000.


236 Pendleton Hill Rd: Grimes, Randolph & Grimes, Catherine to Adams, Michael W, $35,000.

50 Laurel Dr: Chiasson, Augustin to Karasuk, Peter M & Karasuk, Samantha, $215,000.

215 Bennett Rd: Buckley, Robert E & Buckley, Sean F to House, Michael D, $150,000.

41 Carroll Row: Voluntown Town Of to Esterquest, David, $65,000.

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