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Property Transactions - Fab. 15, 2013

Published February 15. 2013 1:05PM


543 Lisbon Rd: Castellani, Christopher J & Labbay, Ashlee L to Pensis, Philip J & Lindner, Jacalyn J, $62,000.

2 Lisbon Rd: Lancer FT & Kressel, Shirley to Stgermain, David A & Stgermain, Jill T, $128,000.

102 Goodwin Rd: US Bank NA to Carignan, Benjamin A & Rossman, Tandi J, $189,000.

346 Lisbon Rd: Wibberley, Cynthia D to Echo Lane LLC, $80,000.


93 Pickerel Lake Rd: Hudson, Paul W & Hudson, Karen M to Wozniacki, Marcin & Michaud, Nancy, $223,500.

97 Miller Rd: Ferling, David M & Ferling, Richard K to Baldi, Nancy, $126,000.

107 Nutmeg Cir: Trilacon Dev Corp to Lovley Dev Inc, $319,600.

61 Nutmeg Cir: Trilacon Dev Corp to Lovley Dev Inc, $319,600.

41 Nutmeg Cir: Trilacon Dev Corp to Lovley Dev Inc, $319,600.

29 Nutmeg Cir: Trilacon Dev Corp to Lovley Dev Inc, $319,600.

61 Daniel Dr: Ventura FT & Ventura, Colburn V to Carabillo, Marie M, $23,333.

61 Daniel Dr: Colburn, Virginia V to Carabillo, Marie M, $46,667.

65 Fairway Dr #65: Greenberg, Howard S & Greenberg, Jennifer H to Benedetti, Peter N & Benedetti, Patricia W, $225,000.


1531 Glasgo Rd #125: Erdmann, Alexander P to Hill, Charles H, $41,000.

65 S Main St: Peck, Keith & Mosteller, Tammy L to Jupiter Investments LLC, $89,000.


12 Old Fort Ln: Alers, Rachael E to BAC Home Loan Servicing, $1.


6 Round Hill Ct: Newbury Place Reo 3 LLC to Molochko, Gary C, $80,000.


19 Leitao Dr: Lightner, Gary W & Lightner, Barbara L to Qureshi, Laique & Qureshi, Kari, $183,999.

99 Woodland Dr #C: Liu, Yi & Li, Qiong to Liang, Tai, $55,000.

8 Ohio Dr: FNMA to Keltonic, Richard T, $112,001.

150 Lynch Hill Rd: Allard, Paul J & Allard, Betty J to Coburn, Christopher C, $255,000.

77 Doyle Rd: Ryone, Arthur H to Krause, Jake L & Krause, Ashli S, $214,000.


142 Starr St: Gersztoff, Aaron to Dutcher, Donald M, $130,000.

50 Newton St: Capital One Bank to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $1.

261 Boswell Ave: Jurczik, Nellie L to Noblick, Robert M & Noblick, Sofee T, $52,000.

57 Broad St: Pietrowski, Henriette to Hammond Ledge LLC, $135,000.

7 Mount Laurel Rd: Preble, Garry to Giverdon, Lucinda, $158,000.


4 Coggswell St #12: Hazlin, Kenneth W & Hazlin, Dorothy A to Moore, Suzanne R, $40,000.

183 Greenhaven Rd: M J Holdings LLC to Bosse, Geoffrey G & Bosse, Shauna S, $420,000.


17 Shore Dr: Rosenkrantz, Michael J to Wilcox, Paul M & Wilcox, Nancy J, $137,500.

14 Wallace St: Cecchini, Patricia to Foley, Joshua J, $225,000.

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