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Global warming claims are just a bad joke

Earle K. Downes Ledyard

Publication: The Day

Published 04/22/2013 12:00 AM
Updated 04/19/2013 04:59 PM

I thought it was appropriate that Gail Collins' article, "Don't expect change on climate change," (April 1), on global warming should appear in The Day. A recent study by NASA's James Hansen, a strong proponent of human caused global warming, stated that "the five-year mean global temperature has been flat for the past decade." According to the U.K.'s Metrological Office the temperatures have been at a standstill for up to 20 years.

This is a fact: Carbon dioxide is a trace gas occupying less than 4/100ths of 1 percent atmospheric volume. Carbon dioxide levels may have doubled since 1950, but less than 5 percent of this increase is attributed to burning of fossil fuels. The oceans and the biosphere - the amalgam of respiration and decay of living organisms, accounts for the overwhelming remainder of the increase. The human caused increase in carbon dioxide amounts to less than 1/1000ths of 1 percent of atmospheric volume. If we continue to believe in this man-made global warming nonsense than we are a bunch April fools.

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