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Netflix tip: "Arrested Development"

Published June 06. 2013 4:00AM

This tip pertains to only the most devoted of "Arrested Development" fans, because the long-anticipated season 4 on Netflix is a bit touch and go. Some of the great old jokes get a rehash (the stair-car; The Cornballer; Lucille 2 and her vertigo); and great cameos keep things a bit more fresh (Kristen Wiig as young Lucille Bluth is absolutely fabulous). But one gets the sense that much of this season was rushed through without a ton of thought, despite the long build-up to it. The door is wide open for a movie, and, indeed, that's a clever plot device in season 4, but the subplots and subplots of subplots get a little overwhelming. Everything ties together shockingly well in the last few episodes, but it takes a lot of patience to get there. But loyalists who focus on the good stuff likely will appreciate the payoff.


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