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Some better examples of U.S. 'moral descent'

Janet Minella-Didier New London

Publication: The Day

Published 07/09/2013 12:00 AM
Updated 07/08/2013 11:55 PM

Cal Thomas is wrong in believing that the Supreme Court's decision overturning the "DOMA ruling signals our moral descent," (July 3), as the headine states.

We lost our moral bearings the day we dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima. We have continued this descent into immorality and evil with each war we start, each dictator we support and with each lie we are told by our military, business and political leaders - be it justifying a war, the safety of drugs and GMOs, or, that old bromide, we serve you and are working for the best interests of the people.

We lose our moral bearings every time we do not care for wounded soldiers, mentally ill people and hungry children. Most "religious leaders" fail to speak out against the greed, injustice and violence, hatred and discrimination. The "eye for an eye/ revenge" mentality prevails, although, as a Christian, I believe this is absolutely the reverse of Jesus' message. So, when Cal Thomas starts identifying these other issues as evidence of moral decline, rather than DOMA, I will begin to believe that he is a moral man who believes we should "welcome the stranger," "turn our swords into plowshares," care for Creation, "love one another" and "forgive seventy times seven."

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