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Keep cool this summer with broccoli slaw

 July 9, 2014

Certain beliefs just strike me as fundamentally wrong. Like the Korean idea that you should beat the heat by eating something hot. Bowl of hot chicken soup in August, anyone? Summer in Korea can be oppressively hot - trapped-heat-in-asphalt hot, and muggy as hell, and the last thing I...


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You say carrot, I say cake

 June 25, 2014

I’ll tell you what. We’re really a vegetable nation at heart. Take carrot cake, for instance. I never realized just how much everyone loves carrot cake. I could make a chocolate cake and offer it to a group of people and half of them...


Teach a woman to make s'mores indoors...

 June 12, 2014

Summer. Camping. S'MORES.


A doughnut disguised as a muffin

 May 28, 2014

Sometimes simple is best. There's nothing crazy about the recipe for cinnamon sugar muffins I came across in the May issue of Bon Appetit - no special ingredients, no fancy maneuvers. But make it once and you'll want to make it again, and again, and...


We (heart) peanut butter cups

 May 14, 2014

We like peanut butter cups around here. We like them even better when they're made with dark chocolate and aren't as cloyingly sweet as Reese's.


In search of the perfect granola

 April 30, 2014

I was a long-suffering lover of granola who could never find quite the perfect kind at the grocery store or in recipes for the homemade variety. I searched and searched.


Adventures in kimchi, part II

 April 16, 2014

Korean food stripped down to its very basic is a bowl of rice with a couple of side dishes. One of them, without a doubt, is kimchi — a spicy, fermented vegetable dish. I doubt you'll ever walk into a Korean home that doesn't have some kimchi...


You, too, can be an artisan bread baker

 April 3, 2014

Google "Jim Lahey's no-knead bread" and you'll be inundated with results. The original version, the sped-up version, the sandwich bread, the pizza dough.


You’re so pretty, flaky bread

 March 19, 2014

In a moment of weakness over Christmas, I succumbed to the lure of discounted magazine subscriptions and signed up for two years’ worth of Bon Appetit. I couldn’t help myself. The pretty pictures of food spoke to me. In fact,...


Spinach lasagna roll-ups

 March 5, 2014

I'll be honest - I had my doubts about this recipe. I didn't think a spinach/cottage cheese pasta would yield a particularly flavorful dish. I'm not a huge fan of cottage cheese anyway, and I recalled it as being bland and lumpy in all the wrong...


Make your own almond milk

 February 19, 2014

Remember that kale smoothie I made last time? What I didn't tell you was that I was feeling so fanatical about binging on health that I was also making from scratch the almond milk the recipe called for.


Put those greens in the blender

 February 5, 2014

My friends mocked me when I told them I made chocolate-covered potato chips for my last blog entry. Because as I told them about this awesome unhealthy snack, I was also raving about a new kick I was on — kale smoothies.


Chocolate-covered potato chips

 January 22, 2014

Whoever first came up with the idea to coat a potato chip with chocolate was a genius. Have you ever tried a chocolate-covered potato chip? It?'s pretty awesome. Like salted caramel or kettle corn, the salt and sweet play off nicely...


Now we cleanse, with baked tofu

 January 8, 2014

Oh my God. How many cookies did you have last month? I had 2,462.
Let's cleanse our systems and leave behind all of the gluttony of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yeah, this recipe calls for some brown...


Salt to Taste - canine edition

 December 26, 2013

He eats, in no particular order: goose poop, deer poop, horse poop, tubs of coconut oil, unopened packages of spoiled ground beef, kimchi, SLR cameras, the contents of a garbage can, boxes of plastic bags, and most recently, a book.


More pie? Yes please.

 December 11, 2013

My pie frenzy continues.
As normal people go about their normal day, I bake pie. I bake pie before work, think about pie during work, sometimes even bake pie after work (at an hour when most people are...


I want to hold your hand (pie)

 November 27, 2013

Forget everything I said about pie and how fussy and daunting it is. I'm here to inform you that I was wrong. Pie is beautiful, pie is kind. Pie is what's holding me together these days, when I would much rather fall apart.


Skip the boxed broth. Make soup base at home

 November 14, 2013

Here's the thing. I love soup and largely live off it during the winter months. But I haven't bought chicken stock in close to four years.
I know. I sound like a bad infomercial. But it's because so...


Brigadeiros, and a happy Halloween

 October 31, 2013

I have an unofficial list of all the "American" things I want to experience that I never grew up with. One of them was a proper Halloween. Thanks to the Halloween-happy Rick Koster and his wife Eileen, when I moved to New London, I...


Tedious, make room for delicious

 October 16, 2013

Give me a choice between a pretty, perfectly symmetrical pastry and a rustic and obviously homemade one and I'll pick the rustic one, every time.
Give me a choice between making my own pie and buying...


Bacon meets chocolate

 October 2, 2013

I don't know when bacon became such a pop culture icon, but I remember the first time I ever tried bacon chocolate. Just an ordinary bar of chocolate with little pieces of bacon in it. What? It blew my mind. It was unexpected, and a...


Because Jenna Cho is hungry, and you should be, too.



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