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Medicare Charges

Health care costs vary wildly, according to federal report

May 10, 2013 — Hospitals in Connecticut -- and elsewhere -- charge vastly different amounts of money for the same procedure, according to data released Wednesday, May 8, by the federal government.

The cost discrepancies are detailed in a report by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which for the first time is making data available to the public on prices for the 100 most common medical procedures. The report shows what hospitals charge to Medicare, as well as the lower amounts that they collect from the government.

Visible Government Online, a company that analyzes public data, created a searchable, Connecticut-centric database based on the federal report. That database is available below.

How much is a new hip in Connecticut? Now you can compare prices

 May 9, 2013; Updated: 9:38 am

Hospitals in Connecticut charge vastly different amounts of money for the same procedure - sometimes triple the price -- according to data released Wednesday by federal Medicare officials.


Some hospitals charge vastly more for same care

 May 9, 2013; Updated: 9:45 am

Federal data sheds new light on the mystery of just how high a hospital bill might go -- and whether it's cheaper to get the care somewhere else.